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VIDEO: Reverend Obofour Heals A Woman Suffering From Breasts Cancer

Reverend Obofour heals woman suffering from breast cancer

The Founder and Leader of Anointed Palace Chapel, Reverend Obofour has healed a woman reportedly suffering from breast cancer according to a video circulating on social media.

According to the woman, all the pains she was feeling in her breasts vanished after Reverend Obofour laid his healing hands on her.

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Reverend Obofour in the trending video laid down to view better and testify whether indeed her breasts have been cured.

He then invited female members of his church to check if she has indeed placed her breasts on the floor and not feeling pains anymore.

According to Reverend Obofour, cancer is a ‘small boy’ for his church, APC.

Below is the video.


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