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VIDEO: Reggie Rockstone Punches & Schools Shatta Wale; Tells Him To Wash His Hands & Brains

Reggie Rockstone Punches & Schools Shatta Wale; Tells Him To Wash His Hands & Brains

On the back of Shatta Wale dragging veteran rapper, Reggie Rockstone in a live television interview, he has finally replied to him and his reply is deadly!

On Shatta Wale’s claim that he [Reggie Rockstone] hasn’t made an impact with rap music in Ghana, Reggie actually schooled him by pointing out all the good stuff rap music has brought to the music industry.

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According to Reggie Rockstone, all the prestigious international awards, talk of the BET and others were won by rappers and not highlife musicians so for him to say Highlife music is better than rap music is just some dumb statement.

Reggie Rockstone continued that even one of the biggest musicians in Ghana and Africa is a rapper and he’s Sarkodie so Shatta Wale should sleep and consult his pillow and then come again.

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A lot of rappers have built mansions and riding in luxury cars all because of rap music so apparently, Shatta Wale was just spewing garbage on live television.

Reggie Rockstone revealed that all the properties he has acquired in his entire life came from the proceeds of rap music and therefore he has made an impact with rap music in Ghana.

Reggie Rockstone concluded by subtly dropping a piece of deadly advice for Shatta Wale. He advised him not to forget to wash his hands and brains as well.

Watch the video of Reggie Rockstone’s response to Shatta Wale below…

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