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VIDEO: Rapper Obibini Throws Shots At Sarkodie And Asks Him To Apologize To Ghanaians For Claiming They Don’t Support Him

This Is Blasphemy! Obibini Boldly Kicks Sarkodie Off His List Of Top 5 Rappers In Ghana

Rapper Obibini has taken his beef to Sarkodie and he’s blasting him for sitting on a Nigerian radio station and claiming that Ghanaians do not support him massively.

Sarkodie in an exclusive interview on Beat FM in Nigeria sort of agreed with the hosts that Ghanaians do not support him massively despite the great works he’s done and still doing for the music industry.

Sarkodie’s take on the issue didn’t go down well with many Ghanaians who think he’s one of the most supported musicians in Ghana.

It didn’t sit well with Obibini too as he has thrown shots at him in a new video and asked him to apologize to Ghanaians for being ungrateful to them after years of massive support.

According to Obibini, if he even gets 20% of Sarkodie’s support, he will put Ghana on the map and do greater things than what he’s done.

Watch the video below…