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VIDEO: Rahim Banda, Waakye And A Tall List Of Ghanaian Celebrities Who Attended NPP’s 2019 Delegates Conference

Celebrities who attended NPP's 2019 Delegates Conference

Elections 2020 is fast approaching──all those who want to benefit directly from the fat pockets of these politicians are leaving no stone unturned and also making public appearances at political rallies for the needed recognition just in case the party wins power.

The ruling New Patriotic Party (NPP) held its 2019 Delegates Conference at the Trade Fair Centre on Sunday, December 21, 2019──and aside from party members and executives who attended, some Ghanaian celebrities also attended the conference to throw their weight behind the party’s 2020 agenda.

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It’s now a fact that Ghanaian actors, Rahim Banda, Bob Smith Junior aka Diabolo Man and Richard Lawson aka Waakye have declared their support for the NPP ahead of the 2020 elections.

In a video available to, Waakye, Rahim Banda and Diabolo Man were spotted at NPP’s 2019 Delegates Conference which happened at the Trade Fair Centre in Accra.

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It’s no doubt that these actors have declared their 100% support for Nana Addo’s NPP──and come what may, they will cast their votes for the party.

Below is a captured video of Rahim Banda, Waakye and Diabolo Man during NPP’s 2019 Delegates Conference.

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