VIDEO: Prophet Nigel Gaisie Finally Kicks Sense Into The Heads Of His Church Members

Prophet Nigel Gaisie After Making Millions From Church Business Is Still Owning Student Loan
Prophet Nigel Gaisie

Prophet Nigel Gaisie has finally kicked some sense into the heads of his church members and we hope it sticks in there.

According to Nigel Gaisie during an interview on his TV station, prayers do not make one rich and that if it did, a bunch of prayer warriors would have been rich by now.

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He said;

“Prayers doesn’t make you rich… if prayers make people rich, prayer warriors would have been richer. If prayers make people rich, I would have been the richest, wealthiest man on earth because growing up in my life as a young man, prayer was my daily delicacy”.

He added that;

“But prayer will not make you rich. I hope you get me, there are deeper things to do than prayer. Righteousness does not make you rich, holiness does not make you rich. So there are deeper things”.