VIDEO: Princess Shyngle ‘Confesses’; Reveals What She Does To Keep Up Her Lavish Lifestyle

Princess Shyngle

It’s difficult to confess one’s bad and disgusting deeds and I perfectly understand the Gambian Instagram model, Princess Shyngle in this trending video.

Princess Shyngle instead of directly telling us all the disgusting things she does to keep up her lavish lifestyle for social media likes, shares, comments and headlines, she is rather beating about in the bush.

She went about her confession the smart way but we know she’s indirectly telling us her own stuff of which she isn’t proud of.

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In her video, she disclosed that most of the Instagram models and female celebrities aren’t happy within because they’re doing all kinds of bad stuff for the money to maintain their expensive-living lifestyles.

The conclusion of Princess Shyngle’s indirect confession is that she isn’t happy, has no peace within herself due to what she does to keep up her flamboyant lifestyle on social media.

Watch the video of Princess Shyngle’s indirect confessions below.