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VIDEO: Pastor Chris Ignorantly Explains With A Diagram That COVID-19 Vaccine Is The Mark Of Beast

Pastor Chris Ignorantly Explains With A Diagram That COVID-19 Vaccine Is The Mark Of Beast

At this point, people should gather boldness and start a social media campaign against the Head Pastor of Christ Embassy Church, Pastor Chris Oyakhilome, banning him from poke nosing in a field he has little or no knowledge about ── that’s science and technology.

What’s the connection between the installation of 5G masts technology for faster internet connectivity, COVID-19 vaccine and the mark of the beast as described in the Bible?

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Well, Pastor Chris has managed to convince his church members and many gullible Christians around the world that COVID-19 vaccine is the mark of the beast which the Bible talked about in the endtime.

Pastor Chris explaining with a self-created diagram, warned his church members and Christians not to take any COVID-19 vaccine because it’s the mark of the beast!

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According to Pastor Chris and his self-created diagram, Coronavirus was caused by the installation of 5G masts which makes the human system too weak to fight viruses.

He continued that those who will take the COVID-19 vaccine will automatically take an ID into their system.

And anyone who takes the COVID-19 vaccine has accepted the mark of the beast and won’t make it to Heaven according to man of God, Chris Pastor Oyakhilome.

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This is how far we have come with religion! A social media hashtag must be launched to stop Pastor Chris Oyakhilome from further possible pollution of minds on COVID-19.

Coronavirus is here and trending worldwide so everyone including Pastor Chris wants to take advantage and go with the trend since church services have been banned!

Pastor Chris should stick to the Bible and leave science and technology to the experts in that field.

Watch the short video of Pastor Chris Oyakhilome’s 5G-COVID19-Vaccine-Mark of the beast BS theory below.

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