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VIDEO: Paparazzi Captures Juliet Ibrahim With An Old Pot-bellied Man At A Restaurant In Nigerian

Paparazzi Captures Juliet Ibrahim With An Old Pot-bellied Man At A Restaurant In Nigerian

It’s hot and sunny Saturday and there is a hot gossip about Ghanaian Nigeria-based actress, Juliet Ibrahim on the Instagram gossip page @Cutie_julls2.

Apparently, we are going to end the year 2019 with Juliet Ibrahim entering a restaurant with a young man holding her bag and then leaving the same restaurant with an old pot-bellied man.

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Paparazzi actually captured Juliet Ibrahim with an old pot-bellied man at a restaurant in Nigerian.

According to @Cutie_julls, Juliet Ibrahim first walked into the restaurant with a young dude holding her bag and then later left with an old man after they were done discussing their purpose of meeting.

But Juliet Ibrahim is pissed off and I do not know why she is crying over privacy invasion when the video was recorded at a public place and not in her bedroom.

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She has threatened to deal with the Blogger who posted the video but I think that’s a practical joke since there is nothing like privacy invasion at public places.

Filming or taking photos of celebrities happens all over the world especially in Hollywood so I think Juliet Ibrahim should calm down and explain to her fans and followers why she came in with a young dude and later left with an old pot-bellied dude.

Cutie_julls reported that; “Who says I won’t gossip in 2020?

Me that saw Juliet Ibrahim at At Cut Steakhouse at Radisson Blu iKeja yesterday and took video. 😩

Aunty came in with a young man holding her bag but later left with an older man. I don’t know what she came to do o. But all I know is I must snap and share with you guys”.

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Angry Juliet Ibrahim replied that;

“Stupid of you! Because I clearly saw those 2 bitches sitting and recording me! Now the hotel will definitely deal with them. Since people aren’t allowed to meet in restaurants now and they’re forming paparazzi I’ll teach them both a bloody lesson including yourself! If someone isn’t caught in a compromising act or position be extremely careful how u take videos or unauthorized pictures of them! This will be the first and last person y’all jobless pricks will try this to! Y’all won’t see it coming! Fake ass paparazzis! Stupid cows!”

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