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Video Of Joyce Blessing Fighting With Her Sister-in-law Over Custody Of Her Kids Goes Viral

Video Of Joyce Blessing Quarrelling And Fighting With Her Sister-in-law Goes Viral

A video of when Joyce Blessing stormed her sister’s in-law’s house to pick up her children but ended up quarrelling and fighting with her has popped up on the internet.

From the look of things, Joyce Blessing and husband, Dave Joy are done with their marriage which resulted in three adorable kids.

In the viral video, Joyce Blessing and her sister-in-law could be seen in a heated argument leading to a fight over the custody of their kids.

TRENDING AUDIO: Chaos And Fight As Joyce Blessing Storms Sister-in-law’s House To Pick Up Her Kids

According to her sister-in-law, she has been staying with the kids for four years and all of sudden Joyce Blessing stormed the house to take them away.

After years of being together, Joyce Blessing and husband, Dave Joy are calling off their marriage.

TRENDING VIDEO: Joyce Blessing’s Husband, Dave Joy, Caught Her Cheating

The confusion now is who takes custody of the children, Joyce Blessing or Dave Joy?

Watch the viral video below…

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