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Video Of How Coronavirus Tests Are Done Goes Viral

Video Of How Coronavirus Tests Are Done Goes Viral

There is nothing funny or amusing about deadly coronavirus. In fact, everything about the virus is scary and dangerous.

A video of how coronavirus tests are done in the hospital has gone viral on the internet and it’s scaring people to death.

You’ll stay home and practise all the precautionary measures to save yourself from even getting tested for the virus.

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The testing for the coronavirus is not a joke and from the reaction of the woman being tested in the viral video, it’s a painful experience.

Perhaps this is just an experiment of how the Nasopharyngeal swab is taken before the actual test is done.

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Ghana is still in partial lockdown to avoid the spread of coronavirus. Currently, the country has recorded 204 coronavirus cases with 31 recoveries and 5 deaths.

Below is the video of how coronavirus test is done.

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