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VIDEO: Obinim Response To Kennedy Agyapong’s Exposé With A Gibberish Explanation

Obinim Response To Kennedy Agyapong's Exposé With A Gibberish Explanation

Obinim after being exposed by controversial Politician, Kennedy Agyapong, has responded with a gibberish explanation which clearly shows that he has indeed been exposed.

Obinim in a video says he won’t fight Kennedy Agyapong but rather, he has handed the fight to God and Jesus Christ to fight for him.

Obinim responded to Kennedy Agyapong’s allegations that he has been laundering money in his bank account in Spain.

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Obinim revealed that all those huge transfers Kennedy Agyapong talked about never went through, I mean they all failed so Kennedy Agyapong’s allegations are false.

He refused to open up on a lot of things with a reason that he is waiting to disclosed details of Kennedy Agyapong’s allegations in the law court.

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Obinim has given up and handed over the fight to God, Jesus Christ, his church members and fans all over the world.

Watch the video below.

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