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VIDEO: Nana Tonardo Proudly Says He’s Now Free And Intelligent After Rejecting Jesus Christ

Nana Tonardo Mocks Christians That Jesus Christ Has No Power To Save Them

Apparently, Nana Tonardo wants to torment Christians that they are unintelligent and not free all because they believe in Jesus Christ. Nana Tonardo isn’t ready to leave Christians alone with his atheism principles.

Excited Nana Tonardo posted a video on his Instagram page and bragged that his brains are now working and that everything is going on well with him after rejecting Jesus Christ.

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He also bragged about being free after rejecting Christianity and their saviour, Jesus Christ.

The last time, Nana Tonardo made a post and laughed at Christians for believing that Jesus Christ can save them from deadly coronavirus.

Watch the video below…

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