AUDIO: Moesha’s 5 Bedroom Mansion She Claimed To Have Built “By God’s Grace” Is Rather A Rented Place And She’s About To Be Kicked Out

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Moesha Buduong

Five months ago, Moesha Buduong, granted an interview to Zionfelix and claimed that she’s been able to build a 5 bedroom mansion, bought a Range Rover and Land Cruiser Prado—all by “God’s grace”.


Sigh! It turns out to be a lie—as the new audio report says otherwise. Moesha Buduong is actually renting that huge house and she’s about to be kicked out since her rent has expired.

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It’s reported that she rented the mansion for 12 months and it’s left with just a month to expire and she’s likely not to renew looking at her condition now.


Do not be surprised to see headlines of Moesha Buduong being kicked out of her 5 bedroom mansion she claimed to have built “by God’s grace”.

Listen to the audio below…

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