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VIDEO: Moesha Buduong Is Sick─And I Pray There’s No Puncture On Her Butts

Moesha Buduong Is Sick─And I Pray There's No Puncture On Her Butts

Our one and only slay queen, Moesha Buduong says she is sick and that her fans and followers should pray for her to recover──and it’s my honest prayer that her sickness has nothing in connection with her inflated butts.

Because, if her sickness is as a result of a puncture or punctures on her inflated butts then she is in deep trouble since she won’t be able to slay on Instagram and on red carpets again and also her usual ‘business’ won’t boom again!

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What happens to an inflated balloon when it lands on a sharp or pointed object? It burst, right?

Her Christians fans and followers who follow her because of her inflated butts should help her in prayers in order for her to bounce back to her usual 24/7 Instagram ‘business’.

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Moesha Buduong could be seen in the below video screaming like a baby whilst being injected by a Medical practitioner! Was that Dr Obengfo?

But honestly, I think Moesha Buduong should have moaned like how she does when in ‘business’ with her ‘clients’ instead of screaming on top of her voice.

I wish Moesha Buduong, my favourite slay queen a speedy recovery! Press play to watch the video…

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