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VIDEO: Medikal Rains Insults On Bloggers For Reporting About His Fake Rolex Watch He Claims To Have Bought For Ghc60,000

German Wristwatch Company, Munich Wrist Busters, Exposes Medikal For Flaunting A Fake And Cheap Rolex Watch

Medikal has gone mad and throwing shots at Bloggers especially Ameyaw Debrah for reporting about his fake Rolex wristwatch he claimed to have bought for Ghc60,000.

As usual, Medikal rained insults on Ameyaw Debrah for not checking the facts before jumping on the bandwagon to report the issue.

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Why is Medikal mad at Bloggers? Why can’t he go after Munich Wrist Busters for exposing him over his fake Rolex watch?

According to Munich Wrist Busters, Medikal’s Rolex watch is fake and not original as he claims and they provided proof to back their claims on Instagram.

Watch the video below…