VIDEO: Loving Husband Parks His Car To Join His Wife Sell In Traffic After Work

Loving Husband Packs His Car To Join His Wife Sell In The Traffic After Work
Loving Husband

A loving husband parked his car to support his wife sell in traffic and his wife Afia Adutwumwaa was so proud of her husband that she couldn’t keep mute about it.

She shared the video of her husband supporting her to sell on her Facebook timeline.

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Afia Adutwumwaa who didn’t want to sit home idle for her husband to always feed her decided to get her hands dirty by taking to the roadside to sell Ekumfi juice so she could get something to support herself without always having to play the housewife role.

While going about her business she spotted her husband’s car from a distance and she started trembling thinking her husband will get mad at her.

What she didn’t know was that men are always happy when their wives play a supporting role to keep the family going.

Her husband, Mr. Ohene Kwesi parked her car, remove his suit and joined her in selling the juice.

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Astonished Afia who couldn’t believe her eyes shared her joy on Facebook.

She wrote “Anuanom ne adofonom, i decided to go and sell my Eku juice in the traffic today. I was busy selling when i saw my husband’s car coming. In my head I’m like yawa don gas. This man had just closed from work though. He parked his car, took off his and before i could say fim, he was in the traffic selling with me. Ohene Kwesi, thanks for loving me unconditionally……..#SupportYourWoman…….#AbrewaNana