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VIDEO: Lil Win Has Greedily Monetized Bishop Bernard Nyarko’s Painful Death On YouTube

Lil Win Has Greedily Monetized Bishop Bernard Nyarko's Painful Death On YouTube

The sudden and painful death of Bishop Bernard Nyarko would obviously be a big gain for Lil Win as he has greedily monetized a video of himself mourning the versatile actor on YouTube.

Our checks on Lil Win’s Facebook and Instagram pages indicate that he never posted that particular video on these platforms since he wouldn’t be able to monetise the video.

Lil Win rather chose to upload the video on YouTube where videos are fully monetised──and after 12 hours, the video has garnered 67,589 views and counting.

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Bishop Bernard Nyarko is dead and gone but by the time he’s buried and funeral rites done, Lil Win will bag home some dollar bills.

Lil Win has now turned a Vlogger and he never spared Bishop Bernard Nyarko even though he claims to be mourning him.

He has fully monetised his death on Google’s video-sharing platform, YouTube, and waiting to cash out on the video.

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A few of celebrities with YouTube channels ignored and posted their mourning videos on Instagram and Facebook but that wasn’t the case of Lil Win.

It’s obvious that Lil Win recorded the video for money──and not necessarily to mourn Bishop Bernard Nyarko. May he rest in peace!

Watch Lil Win’s monetised video below…

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