VIDEO: Keche Joshua Mocks ‘Depressed’ Wendy Shay

VIDEO: Keche Joshua Mocks Wendy Shay And Claims That She's Going Through Psychological Trauma
Keche & Wendy Shay

It’s either Keche Joshua wants to beef with Wendy Shay to revive his dying music career or he’s just being stupid and heartless.

Keche Joshua in a video has mocked Wendy Shay and claimed that she needs medical attention because he thinks she’s going through emotional trauma.

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Keche Joshua mistook stupidity for sarcasm by laughing at Wendy Shay over her current condition (depression), probably.

Wendy Shay could be going through a lot but that’s not how to go about it and it seems Keche Joshua is on a mission to add more insults to her injury.