VIDEO: Keche Andrew’s Wife, Joana Gyan Has Slept With All The Male Artists She Has Managed

Keche Andrew's Wife, Joana Gyan Has Slept With All The Male Artists She Has Managed
Keche Andrew & Wife, Joana Gyan

Keche Andrew’s wife, Joana Gyan whom he got married to today, November 30, 2019, in colourful traditional ceremony has slept with all the male artists she managed.


Surprised? Don’t be because the male artists she has managed so far aren’t even up to three.

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Three months ago, one gospel musician, Kesse in an interview with Sammy Flex revealed that he had an affair with his former boss─and who was this former boss Kesse had an affair with?

It was Keche Andrew’s wife, Joana Gyan who is the CEO of Golden Empire Legacy Limited─a rich woman and of substance.

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According to Kesse in the interview that went viral on social media, he and Keche Andrew’s wife, Joana Gyan were lovers─and in their love affair, she supported him musically but unfortunately, they broke up after dating for a while.

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Fast forward to November 2019, Keche Andrew has boldly married his boss, Joana Gyan after she signed him a few months back.

So the Chief Executive Officer of Golden Empire Legacy Limited, Joana Gyan in her life has managed two male artists and slept with them all─I mean Kesse and Keche Andrew.

Keche Andrew & Boss/Wife (Joana Gyan)

Kesse’s affair with his former boss, Joana Gyan ended on rocks over reasons he never disclosed during the interview.

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Congratulations to Keche Andrew for being bold and tying the knot with his boss, Joana Gyan─he can now refer to her as bosswife! That sounds sweet right?

Watch Kesse’s interview with Sammy Flex from 14:40…