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VIDEO: James Gardiner In ‘Trouble’ For Watching Toke Makinwa’s Nak*dness

VIDEO: James Gardiner In Trouble For Watching Toke Makinwa's N*kedness On Set

Nigerian media personality, Toke Makinwa, is on the neck of Ghanaian actor James Gardiner for watching her n*kedness while they were on set.

Toke Makinwa wants James Gardiner to marry her since he’s seen her n*kedness. According to Toke, James Gardiner saw her bra and lingerie while she was changing herself on set and that’s enough for marriage?

She added that they had to sack James from the room after he allegedly saw her n*ked body. Toke Makinwa wants James Gardiner to ask for her hand in marriage with 10 ten cows.

The question is, did Toke ask the numerous men who slept with her to marry her just because they’ve seen and even enjoyed her body?

This might sound like a joke on the outside but she might be serious about getting married to James Gardiner. Toke might have studied the course, “how to grab a husband at all cost 101”.

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