VIDEO: Jackie Appiah’s Swollen Breasts And Protruded Belly Spark Pregnancy Rumours

VIDEO: Jackie Appiah's Swollen Breasts And Potbelly Spark Pregnancy Rumours
Jackie Appiah

Jackie Appiah’s swollen breasts and protruded belly at the Adonko Next Level Launch have sparked pregnancy rumours. Could it be that Jackie Appiah is expecting her second child?

It could also be that Jackie Appiah ate a lot before appearing at the event but from the video below, there could be an iota of truth in the rumours making rounds on Instagram.

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Jackie Appiah tightened her belt very well but you could vividly see that her belly was up and suffocating.

On a more serious note, will Jackie Appiah appear in public if indeed she’s pregnant and expecting a baby?

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This could be one of those things where women fill their belly before appearing at events.

Whether she is pregnant or not, we’ll get to know in the coming months as pregnancy can never be hidden.