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VIDEO: It’s All Packaging And Branding – Stonebwoy Exposes The Fake Lifestyle Of Ghanaian Celebrities

VIDEO: It's All Packaging And Branding - Stonebwoy Exposes The Fake Lifestyles Of Ghanaian Celebrities

Stonebwoy has said it all in an exclusive interview on Hitz FM with Andy Dosty — about the lavish lifestyles Ghanaian celebrities portray on social media.

According to Stonebwoy, it’s all packaging and branding and that no Ghanaian youth should be pressured by these fake lifestyles Ghanaian celebrities put out there.

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Some Ghanaian celebrities even rent expensive cars, pose with them and claim they own them but Stonebwoy says that it’s all packaging and branding.

And the latest packaging in town is Shatta Wale claiming to have bought a Rolls Royce in the United States and flaunting it on Instagram.

Watch the video below…