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VIDEO: Inmates At Ankaful Prison Chanted Shatta Wale’s Name As He Arrived To Start His One-week Remand

Shatta Wale Has Not Been Granted Bail - According To Ghana Police

Shatta Wale got a lot of fans in prisons in Ghana. From this trending video of him arriving at the Ankaful Prison to start his one-week remand, we can say that there are a lot of SM fans rotting in jail.

Inmates at the Ankaful prison couldn’t stop chanting Shatta Wale’s name as he arrived to start his one-week remand for spreading false news with the intent of causing fear and panic.

The video of Shatta Wale getting all the shoutouts by the inmates has gone viral on the internet and this should tell you that Wale belongs to the streets.

Shatta Wale and three others were remanded in prison custody for one week for faking his gunshot attack on October 18, 2021.

They will appear before the court after one week probably for a final judgment on all the charges labeled against them.

Watch the viral video below…