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VIDEO: ‘I’ll End Your Madness For You’ – Kwame A-Plus Fires Back At Abena Korkor

VIDEO: 'I'll End Your Madness For You' - Kwame A-Plus Fires Back At Abena Korkor

Kwame A-Plus has fired back at Abena Korkor Addo for naming him in her post on Instagram. According to Abena Korkor in her post that has gone viral, Sammy Awuku should be careful with A-Plus because there is someone around him who wants his downfall.

A part of Abena Korkor’s post reads;

“You exhibited discrimination towards a marginalized group, Persons with disabilities. You used the nature of my relapse to deny any encounter with me. A wise man would have shut up. But you have a foolish council. @johnboadu_ and @afiaakoto are foolish councils. I hope you keep them around as your pawns but they don’t still influence your decisions. Check @kwameaplus. I have not fully uncovered his motives. But he has someone close to him who wants your downfall. He is that person’s pawn so he will be used against you one day”.

Well, Kwame A-Plus has fired back at her and asked her to stop smoking weed and focus on losing weight because he knows she isn’t proud of her thick body.

A-Plus says he will dirty himself and drag her anytime she mentions his name in her videos and posts on Instagram. He claims Abena is mad and that he will end her madness for her since there is no one to end it.

Watch the video below…