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VIDEO: Ghanaians Captured Sleeping In The Street Just To Register For Ghana Card─What A Country!

Ghanaians Captured Sleeping In The Street Just To Register For Ghana Card─What A Country!

In the name of Ghana Card registration, some Ghanaians have resorted to sleeping in the streets and at the registration centres just be first to be registered the next morning.

Why should such a thing happen to the good people of Ghana? This is sad and also funny at the same time that human beings will risk their lives for a card that is likely to be replaced by the next political party to come to power?

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Just as Ghanaian politicians are playing with Ghana’s educational system, it’s the same way with this Ghana Card──and I have not even bothered to waste my precious time to be in a long queue just to be registered. What for?

Politicians are playing with the database system of Ghana as if it’s their bonafide property and it’s sad that the very people who keep voting these super incompetent politicians into power have to suffer like this to get a national ID.

Why should Ghanaians be sleeping in the streets and at registration centres all in the name of registering for a National ID? A lot of shitty things happen in the country called Ghana and it doesn’t seem to end anytime soon.

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The video below of how some Ghanaians have been spending nights at registration centres should tell you how messed up things have become in this country──and the same people been treated with such disrespect will line up in the sun and vote for the very people (politicians) behind their numerous problems.

Ghana is such a sad country! Watch the video below.

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