VIDEO: Funny Face Is Mad Again! Goes Hard On His Baby Mama And Rains Insults On Her

Funny Face Claims He Once Caught His Baby Mama And Her Ex-baby Daddy
Vanessa & Funny Face

Funny Face claimed he has recovered from his depression but here he is raining insults on his baby mama, Vanessa again.

Was Funny Face really depressed as he claimed? Sometimes it’s madness and not depression as people claim.

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Anyone gets up, messes up and then comes back to claim he or she was depressed.

Funny Face should be thrown into a mental home over his recent Instagram post.

On Instagram, he wrote; “VANESSA, VANESSA, you will suffer … aboaa wo maame tw3”.

Funny Face will come back later, cry and apologize for the above post. A mad dog will always be a mad dog!