VIDEO: Embrace Yourselves For More Dry Jokes Because DKB Says His Retirement Announcement Was A Prank

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Ghanaians should embrace themselves for more jokes, dry ones of course because Comedian DKB has made a U-turn on his retirement announcement.

According to DKB in a video, he posted on his YouTube channel which has gotten a disappointing 153 views after 15 hours, his retirement from comedy announcement was just a prank.

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DKB disclosed in the video that he wanted to know his real haters and enemies hence his retirement from comedy announcement and truly, he’s come to know his haters and enemies──I mean those who wish for his downfall.

Also, DKB threw some shots at us, TheGossipScoop, Pulse Ghana and SammyKayMedia for reporting on his retirement from comedy announcement.

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In comments from his own fans on social media, most of them have advised that he restrategize and bounce back with more rib-cracking jokes and I think DKB should listen to these level headed fans and heed to their free advice.

DKB says aside from comedy, he has nothing else doing and so he’s never retiring from comedy as he announced on his social media pages. It was a prank! Welcome back to comedy, DKB!