VIDEOS: Efia Odo Has Landed In Ghana And She ‘Clashed’ With Sista Afia At The Oasis Nightclub

Two Pigs Dirtying Themselves In The Mud - The Case Of Efia Odo And Sista Afia
Efia Odo & Sista Afia

Efia Odo who claimed she was never going to come back to Ghana for a reason that being a celebrity in Ghana doesn’t pay sh!t has finally landed in Ghana and she was captured on cameras at D-Black’s Oasis nightclub, the venue of Sista Afia’s birthday party.

Many were surprised to see Efia Odo at Sista Afia’s birthday party as she has been beefing with her and called her hippopotamus but she clarified in a comment that she wasn’t there because of Sista Afia but rather, DJ Mensah.

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There was no way Efia Odo would have been at a place where a bunch of her slay queens enemies such as Fella Makafui and others were present.

Sista Afia had threatened to beat up Efia Odo for calling her hippopotamus but nothing of that sort happened at the Oasis nightclub, even though Efia was present.

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Perhaps, tight security was the reason why Sista Afia couldn’t beat up Efia Odo.