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VIDEO: Drunk Kwame A-Plus Brags That He’ll Never Taste Death

Drunk Kwame A-Plus Brags That He'll Never Taste Death

One of the best feelings is soaking yourself in alcohol, getting drunk and bragging about unrealistic and stupid things on your birthday.

You’ll say to yourself, “I am a big fool” after waking up in the morning and realising whatever you said was just stupid and nonsense!

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The above is the case of controversial Kwame A-Plus on his 43rd birthday. Kwame A-Plus was actually drunk on his birthday judging from the kind of things he said.

Drunk Kwame A-Plus bragged that he will never taste death and added that he will vanish when it’s time for him to die.

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According to drunk A-Plus, he will take his own life if he wants to taste death and also bragged about running the streets.

Drunk Kwame A-Plus says he will never taste death but rather, he will vanish like a magician.

Happy 43rd birthday to Kwame A-plus. Watch the video below.

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