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VIDEO: Dr Umar Johnson Claims Kobe Bryant’s Helicopter Crash Was Plotted By Some Gurus At NBA

JUST IN: NBA Star, Kobe Bryant, Is DEAD

A Clinical Psychologist and Advocate for Black people, Dr Umar Johnson, has alleged that Kobe Bryant’s helicopter propeller was sabotaged to take his life and some hidden faces at the NBA definitely have a hand in his death.

According to Dr Umar Johnson, Kobe Bryant, before his death on Sunday, January 26, 2020, was in a legal battle with a multimillion pharmaceutical company over the use of the name Black Mamba.

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Is Dr Umar Johnson trying to connect the dots that Kobe’s death could be connected to the case mentioned above?

In a live Instagram video, angry Dr Umar tried and connected some dots to explain why he thinks Kobe Bryant’s helicopter crash was plotted.

In other news, Kobe Bryant’s 37-year-old wife, Vanessa Bryant, reportedly cannot make a sentence without crying.

TRENDING NEWS: Sad As Kobe Bryant’s Wife, Vanessa, Cannot Finish A Sentence Without Crying

A family friend disclosed to PEOPLE Magazine that Vanessa Bryant is devastated.

Below is the video of Dr Umar explaining his conspiracy theory.

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