VIDEO: Dr. Kwaku Oteng’s ‘Daughter’ Says Stacy Amoateng Is A Snake, Liar, And Gossip

VIDEO: Dr. Kwaku Oteng's Alleged Side-chick Says Stacy Amoateng Is A Snake, Liar, And Gossip
Adu Safowaah & Stacy Amoateng

There is friction at Angel Broadcasting Network and according to one Adu Safowaah, who claims to be the ‘daughter’ of Dr. Kwaku Oteng but has been alleged to be his side chick, Stacy Amoateng is a snake, liar, and gossip.

In the video below which is currently trending on Instagram, Adu Safowaah descended heavily on Stacy Amoateng and labeled her a pretentious Christian who goes about backbiting people.

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Apparently, Stacy Amoateng doesn’t want Adu Safowaah on an upcoming project and had to use her power as Manager or whatever position to chisel her out.

Adu Safowaah is currently fuming on Instagram after she got to know of Stacy Amoateng’s intention to chisel her out of the project.

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This is the second time Adu Safowaah is calling out Stacy Amoateng on social media. A few months ago, she accused her of backstabbing Akua GMB and snatching her position at Angel Broadcasting Network from her.

It’s obvious that Adu Safowaah and Stacy Amoateng have a lot of issues to thrash out.