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VIDEO: ‘Desperate’ John Mahama Clears Weeds In Front Of The Newly Built Military Cemetery

John Mahama clears weed in front of military cemetery

Former president of Ghana, John Mahama has followed the footsteps of his ‘son’ John Dumelo by weeding the grass in front of the newly built Military Cemetery and social media folks say it’s all for the votes and nothing else!

2020 election is fast approaching and politicians as usual, in desperate for power are going the extreme to do whatever it takes to win the hearts of electorates.

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Ask yourself if John Mahama who’s now showing humility will show the same humility when he finally wins power and becomes the president of Ghana? That’s a question for another day.

In a video trending on social media, John Mahama was seen with a mower clearing some weeds in front of the newly built military cemetery in Accra.

If you cannot come down to this low level when you are president why do it now? This is more of a deceptive strategy to win the hearts of electorates.

Watch the video below.

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