VIDEO: Delay Was Shocked When Granny Ayisha Modi Said Rev Obofour’s Young Wife Is Her Godmother

VIDEO: Delay Was Shocked When Granny Ayisha Modi Said Rev Obofour's Young Wife Is Her Godmother
Obofowaa & Ayisha Modi

Deloris Frimpong Manso aka Delay grilled Stonebwoy’s not-so-relevant self-acclaimed PR, Ayisha Modi and Delay was shocked when granny Ayisha revealed that Reverend Obofour’s 33-year-old wife, Obofowaa, is her Godmother.

How can someone you are older than about 10 years be your Godmother? The plausible reason why granny Ayisha Modi is now claiming Reverend Obofour’s wife is her Godmother is money. You know people you are younger than can refer to you as mommy or daddy when money isn’t a problem for you, right?

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Ayisha Modi’s age isn’t in the public domain yet but she won’t be less than 46 years old so how can a 33-year-old woman be the Godmother of a 46-year-old woman? Only money can make this unusual happen.

Delay grilled Ayisha Modi on why she is older than Obofowaa and yet claims she is her Godmother and then explained that God has blessed Obofowaa with the wisdom she lacks hence their relationship as a Godmother and daughter.

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Money is capable of making people lose their self-esteem and Ayisha Modi’s case is a typical example of such situations and that explains why she has been following Obofowaa around.