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VIDEO: DBlack’s Girl, S3fa Claims That She’s Single And Hasn’t had S*x For The Past 7 Months

VIDEO: DBlack's Girl, S3fa Claims She's Single And Hasn't had S*x For The Past 7 Monthsv

DBlack‘s girl, S3fa, in an exclusive interview with Deloris Frimpong Manso on her Delay Show, has revealed that she’s single and hasn’t been banged for the past seven years. Keep lying girl!

According to S3fa, she is not in any relationship and has stayed without s*x for the past seven years but looking at her gestures during the interview, she was just spewing lies for the cameras.

These girls on record labels in Ghana are mostly used for escort services and pimped to ‘big men’ to fund their expenses while with the record label.

You hardly see their boyfriends or the people they are dating and whenever they are asked about their relationship status, they go like, ‘I’m single’!