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VIDEO: Current State Of Sorrowful Akuapem Poloo In Police Custody Revealed

Akuapem Poloo's Video Might've Been Leaked By Either Her Alleged Lesbian Partner Or Her Non-entity Ex-boyfriend

The struggling comedian, DKB, who claims to have helped Akuapem Poloo gain popularity in the entertainment industry has thrown light on her current state in police custody.

According to DKB who claims to have visited the police station where Akuapem Poloo is being kept, she is being treated well by the officers there.

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But then, one could see from her appearance that she’s traumatized about her impending sentence with frustrations all over her face.

I’m actually expecting all the loud celebrities championing that nonsense #FreeAkuapemPoloo on social media to be present in court with bandannas and placards to probably influence the Judge to give a lenient judgement.

Watch video below…

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