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VIDEO: Coded4x4 Says He’ll Choose Big Butts Over The Bible Any Day!

Coded4x4 Says He'll Choose Big Butts Over The Bible Any Day!

The focus of the majority of men now is to date or marry women naturally endowed both front and back─for shege reasons! Well, this is what Ghanaian musician, Coded4x4 had to say on the question, “Which will you choose, Bible or big butts?”

Coded4x4 did not mince words at all when Kwaku Manu asked him to choose between the Bible and big butts on his Aggressive Interview.

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Coded4x4 did not waste time when the question was thrown at him─he laughed and choose big butts but later said Bible.

It’s obvious that Coded4x4 is among the majority of men who will choose big butts over anything in this world.

It’s everything to the majority of men and if you are a woman less endowed at both front and back, you are pressured to enhance your body through surgical means.

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Who is to be blamed? Man’s obsession with big butts or a woman’s quest to look attractive in the eyes of men?

Watch the short interview below.

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