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VIDEO: Christianity Was Invented To Steal Money From Christians – Avram Ben Moshe

Christianity and Islam were invented - Avram Ben Moshe

According to Apostate Avram Ben Moshe of the “Common Sense Family”, a movement to create awareness about how toxic religion is, says Christianity is all about extortion of money.

Avram Ben Moshe in an interview with Kwaku Sintim-Misa popularly known as KSM stated that both Christianity and Islam were invented and simply explained the differences between the two religious sects.

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According to Avram Ben Moshe, the only difference between Christianity and Islam is that Christianity came to steal money from Christians which isn’t the case of Islam.

In his view, Islam was not invented to extort money from Muslims as it is in the case of Christianity.

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Avram Ben Moshe backed his views with some simple analogies in the video below. He concluded that Christianity is all about the extortion of money from its gullible members.

What’s your take on Avram Ben Moshe’s view on both Christianity and Islam?

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