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VIDEO: Cardi B Dashes ‘Cheating’ Husband, Offset, $500,000 On His 28th Birthday

Cardi B Gifts Husband, Offset, $500,000 On His 28th Birthday

Unlike the majority of Ghanaian ladies who dash their boyfriends boxer shorts, perfumes, singlets and other cheap things on their birthdays, American rapper, Cardi B went a different direction on her cheating husband, Offset’s 28th birthday.

Cardi B showing how much she loves ‘cheating’ Offset surprised him with a whopping $500,000 as his 28th birthday─to buy whatever he wants, I mean whatever to make him happy on his birthday.

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According to Cardi B in a video posted on her Instagram page, she was confused as to the perfect gift to give to Offset on his birthday since he already has all the material stuff he needs─talk of cars, snickers, clothes, jewellery and other expensive stuff.

Confused Card B just dashed Offset a fortune of $500, 000 and she placed the cash in a refrigerator.

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Ghanaian ladies should learn from Cardi B and stop dashing their boyfriends the usual boxer shorts and cheap perfumes on their birthdays.

Spice things up a bit!

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