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VIDEO: Cardi B Blames Organisers For Not Making Her Aware Of Her Meeting With Ghanaian Celebrities

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American rapper, Cardi B has indirectly put the blame on the doorstep of organisers of Livespot Festival─for not making her aware of her meeting with Ghanaian celebrities.

Like seriously? Cardi B speaking on why she snubbed Ghanaian celebrities in a live Instagram video disclosed that she was never aware she was going to meet Ghanaian celebrities.

TRENDING LIVE VIDEO: Cardi B Finally Meets & Greets Ghanaian Celebrities After They Waited For Over 6 Hours

Aside from the above explanation, she had a running stomach (diarrhoea) and that is the more reason why she never showed up to meet and greet them earlier on.

Watch the live video of “Meet & Greet” session with Cardi B.

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