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VIDEO: Captain Smart’s Current Wife Is A Mother Of 4 & Still Married To Another Man In America

Captain Smart's Current Wife Is A Mother Of 4 & Still Married To Another Man In America

Loudmouth and popular radio presenter, Captain Smart may not be happy after watching the below video which involves some damning allegations against his current wife, Akosua.

So according to one woman who in the below video identified herself as Obaa Vida, Captain Smart’s current wife, Akosua who has 4 kids is still married to another man in the US and this man happens to be her brother.

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According to Obaa Vida, Captain Smart’s wife, Akosua is an ungrateful woman who dumped her brother after he went all out and secured a better life for her in the United States.

Obaa Vida disclosed that Akosua and her brother are still legally married with 4 children and this to her, is unacceptable!

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Captain Smart is one of the few popular Ghanaian men out there who are mostly in the news over relationship and marriage scandals and it looks like his marriage with Akosua isn’t a scandal-free marriage.

Watch the video below.

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