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VIDEO: Big Yawa As Efia Odo’s ‘Boyfriend’ Rejects Her Marriage Proposal In Broad Daylight

Efia Odo's boyfriend rejects her marriage proposal

And Efia Odo’s ‘boyfriend’ for whatever reason rejected her marriage proposal in broad daylight!

Wondering why Efia Odo, one of the most chased after television personalities in Ghana could go on her knees and propose marriage to a man?

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Yeah, she did propose marriage to her ‘boyfriend’, not in real life but in a yet-to-be premiered movie titled, “COUNTER TRADE”.

You all should make it a date to watch that movie and see how Efia Odo got the guts to put a ring on her ‘boyfriend’s’ finger which backfired.

It’s premiering on the 9th of November at the Snap Cinema. Watch some interesting portions of Efia Odo’s movie “COUNTER TRADE” below.

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