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VIDEO: Archipalago Blows The Gossip Trumpet; Claims Criss Waddle Is Gay & Asks Him If He Has Changed His Diapers?

Wait a minute! Did loudmouth Archipalago just made a claim that the boss of AMG Business, Criss Waddle is gay in this video?

Archipalago in a video posted on his Instagram page blasted Criss Waddle for trolling him over his recently released wack song titled “Megye”.

In fact, the song is wack to the extent that it has more dislikes on YouTube than likes, making Archipalago the first-ever self-acclaimed musician to achieve such a bogus feat.

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In the video, peeved Archipalago after tearing apart Criss Waddle subtly accused him of being gay and trolled him if he has changed his diapers since his ‘back hole’ is full of sores.

As a Gossip Evangelist, I’ll advise Archipalago to be careful of such expensive jokes, well, maybe he has evidence to back his claims and I’m interested in hearing more of Criss Waddle’s gay escapades, Archipalago, can you blow loud the gossip trumpet?

Watch Archipalago’s video below.


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