VIDEO: Angry Main-chick Removes And Throws Away Side-chick’s ‘Smelly’ Wig While Seated Comfortably In The Front Seat Of Her Boyfriend’s Car

VIDEO: Side-chick Busted And Disgraced While Seated Comfortably In The Front Seat Of Main-chick's Boyfriend's Car
Side-chick, main-chick brouhaha

A video of a side-chick getting disgraced after she was busted by the main-chick while seated comfortably in the front seat of her cheating man’s car has hit the web and it’s funny.


In the video, the angry main-chick removed the wig of the side-chick and threw it away in an attempt to beat the hell out of her and then sack her from the car.

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It happened right here in Ghana and you could sense that the main-chick has really suffered in life with her cheating man who obviously isn’t satisfied with her big backside.

Watch the video below…

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