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VIDEO: Angel Obinim’s Wife, Florence Obinim, Says Their Marriage Is “Dalect” From God

Angel Obinim's Wife, Florence Obinim, Says Their Marriage Is “Dalect” From God

Angel Obinim’s wife, Florence Obinim, has succeeded in changing the English word “Direct” to “Dalect” while responding to rumours that she has filed for divorce over Kennedy Agyapong’s exposé about her husband.

According to Florence Obinim, her marriage to Angel Obinim is “dalect” from God and that no man can cause their separation.

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Florence Obinim disclosed that she prayed for a very long time and then asked God for about 20 times to ascertain whether Obinim is the right man for her or not before accepting to get married to him.

Florence Obinim continued that she will never rely on what people are saying or on a heresay to divorce her husband, Obinim and that if the marriage is bad, unless God himself cause the divorce.

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If not, she will never listen to what people are saying to leave her husband, Obinim.

It’s for better and for worse! Someone close to Florence Obinim should prompt her that the correct word is “Direct” and not “Dalect”.

Watch the video below…

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