VIDEO: Andy Dosty Is Right For Sacking Underground Artiste, Okesse, From Hitz FM Studios For Being Late And Rude

VIDEO: Andy Dosty Sacks Underground Artiste, Okesse, From Hitz FM Studios For Being Late And Rude And He's RIGHT
Andy Dosty & Okesse

People supporting Okesse for being late for an interview which resulted in Andy Dosty sacking him from the studios should give you a fair idea of why we are 10,000 years behind developed countries.

If you have missed a great opportunity as a result of your 10 or 30 minutes lateness, you’ll appreciate the essence of time, especially for scheduled meetings. Radio and television work is strictly time—and when that time is wasted, there’s no way to get it back.

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Lateness is in the blood of the majority of Ghanaians —in fact, the majority are addicted to lateness and laziness—they never show up on or before time. They’re always late with bogus excuses.

Even with award Shows such as the VGMA, 3Music Awards and others, they’ll tell you that red carpet will start at exactly 8:30 pm—but they’ll end up starting at 10:30 or 11:00pm. I mostly sleep after the red carpet of the VGMAs and other events telecasted live on television.

Just go to our public institutions and see how people lazy about without even realizing that they’re lazying about. Lateness has become part of our culture—and the sad part is that we aren’t making efforts to change.

Okesse wouldn’t have missed a flight to meet a ‘client’ abroad—so what’s his excuse for being late for a scheduled interview?

I’m all for people who frown on lateness such as Andy Dosty and Nana Romeo. Our celebrities should be serious same as we the ordinary folks.

Samuel-Clement Enoku