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VIDEO: AJ Poundz Reveals How Her Witch Baby Daddy’s Mom Caught Them Red-handed Banging

AJ Poundz Reveals How Her Witch Baby Daddy's Mom Caught Them Red-handed Banging

Television personality, AJ Poundz, has labelled her baby daddy’s mother a witch in an exclusive interview with Zionfelix.

According to AJ Poundz, everything points to the fact that her baby daddy’s mother is a witch and she is never scared to say it in public.

AJ Poundz disclosed to Zionfelix that she was never treated well by her baby daddy’s mother and sisters hence their split.

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AJ Poundz revealed that this woman visited her son unannounced and caught them red-handed in one early morning affair and it was just embarrassing looking at how she was moaning and enjoying the act.

And what annoyed her was that she didn’t even go out, she sat in the couch and watched them dress up.

AJ Poundz also revealed that she is married and carrying a baby for her husband.

Forward to 28:00 and watch…

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