VIDEO: Adu Safowaah Brags That She’s The Only Young Lady Dr Kwaku Oteng Couldn’t Bonk – The Others Were Chewed Like Meat

Slay Queen On Billboards Of Adonko Bitters Curses Her Ovaries And Entire Generation If She Ever Got The Deal By Sleeping With Dr Kwaku Oteng
Dr Kwaku Oteng & Adu Safowaah

Adu Safowaah again in an interview on Kingdom Plus FM bragged that she is the only young lady on the Adonko Bitters Advert that Dr Kwaku Oteng couldn’t sleep with.

According to her, the rest of the ladies were chewed like meat all because of money and material stuff.

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Is Adu Sarfowaah trying to tell us that Dr Kwaku Oteng made attempts to sleep with her too?

Here’s the interview…