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VIDEO: Adam’s First Wife Was Lilith And Not Eve – Pastor Kwabena Asiamah Reveals

The Ghanaian man of God, Pastor Kwabena Asiamah who stirred up controversies about Jesus Christ having 4 kids with Mary Magdalene in France is out with another revelation.

According to Pastor Kwabena Asiamah of Universal Spiritual Outreach (Ajagurajah Movement), Adam had 2 wives.

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He revealed that Adam’s first wife was Lilith but since Christians do not know, they confuse themselves that Adam had only one wife called Eve.

He revealed that God created Lilith out of water and Eve from dust but Lilith flee and never came back after she mentioned God’s unspoken name during an argument with Adam.

Lilith wanted to sit on Adam during intercourse of which Adam refused with claims that a woman doesn’t have to be on top of a man since the man is the head of the family.

Watch the interview below.


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