VIDEO: A Lot Of Nonsense Going On At Ridge Hospital As Visitors Are ‘Thrown Out’ Of The Visiting Area

A Lot Of Nonsense Going On At Ridge Hospital As Visitors Are 'Thrown Out' Of The Visiting Area
Ridge hospital

Ghana as a country has a long way to go─and the “shithole tag” as it was placed on this country by President Donald Trump will remain until some people in high positions are completely smoked out!


So there is an order─and I don’t know who is behind that bogus order that visitors shouldn’t sit on seats at the visitors’ waiting area but rather stand outside in the scourging sun─what the heck!

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In a video shared by one Adwenkese Malopia on Facebook, even though empty seats could be seen at the visiting area but visitors were actually prevented from sitting on those seats.

These visitors were seen stranded with the tired ones sitting on pavements at the hospital and other places.

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So the order from above is that visitors cannot sit in the waiting area but can stand in the scorching sun! Like seriously?

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Watch the video below.