VIDEO: A Clause In Contract Of Ogidi Brown’s New Artist Bans Him From Dating; What A Foolish Contract!

A Clause In Contract Of Ogidi Brown's New Artist Bans Him From Dating; What A Foolish Contract
Ogidi Brown & Cryme Officer

The desperation in the eyes of undergrave Ghanaian artistes will surely lead them to eternal destruction──and one of these artistes heading towards doom is Ogidi Brown’s newly signed artiste, Cryme Officer.


Cryme Officer in an interview with Sammy Flex says Ogidi Brown never told him about the Schnapp and eggs bid of the contract which went viral.

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Cryme Officer disclosed that he got into the office of Ogidi Brown only to see a bottle of Schnapp and 3 eggs on the table──and that got him really scared.

One stupid clause in the contract which I think infringes on the rights of Cryme Officer is the 5 years ban on romantic relationships.

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Cryme Officer revealed that a clause in the contract bans him from dating for 5 years and according to him, it’s a headache for him.

Now, Cryme Officer who has a girlfriend already will either have to dump this lady or halt their relationship for now until 5 years.

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A contract that bans an artiste from dating for 5 years in the name of focusing on music? Only a desperate and hungry undergrave musician like Cryme Officer will sign such a contract.

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And on the Schnapp and eggs brouhaha, Ogidi Brown disclosed to him that they are just witnesses to the signing of the contract──and has nothing to do with curses or death.

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